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How to drive more leads through Twitter?

How to drive more leads through Twitter?
How to drive more leads through Twitter?

With more than 330 million users, Twitter is still among the most substantial social networks. Out of these active users, around 66% people have confirmed that they came across a new business on the platform.

Critics claim that the Twitter verse is dying a slow death but it's still a fertile ground for healthy leads that new and old established businesses can benefit from. Around 69% people have also ended up making a purchase because of a tweet. It doesn't only help brands drive more leads through free of cost content and paid ad campaigns but also helps them engage their audience better, maintain an active and healthy response rate and keep the conversation going.

Even with a declining revenue, Twitter offers a reliable ground to brands and professionals for drawing more leads through an analytical approach.

Let's take a look at few tips that even new and inexperienced businesses and professionals can use to get maximum leads:

1. Promote yourself with personal and professional account

If you own a business or are trying to grow more leads for a business then make sure that it has its own strong presence on the platform. If you continue to promote the business and services/products through your personal account, it definitely won't help you get sufficient leads.

If your business/product/services already has a Twitter handle, no need to create another account. However, understand that you will indeed need to create your business a whole new account and work on getting it enough audience and engagement. Moreover, if you have a huge team and several departments, varied products then you can separate accounts for them such as one for your customer support, one for your product range, one for your R&D team, etc.

When you segregate your accounts, you will be better able to segment your audience and develop better strategies depending on audience you are focused on.

2. Impressive bio

First impression is indeed the last impression so you can't really afford to miss the chance of attracting your visitors' attention with a sleek and catchy bio.

There's a reason most experts claim the Twitter bio to be your biggest, free of cost lead generation tool. It's extremely straightforward and lets you tell your visitors all about you in least words possible. Promote yourself directly or your business by mentioning the link to your latest content in the bio, mention relevant hashtags to draw people to your personalized content and don't forget to add the call to action.

Just in case you are worried about the tone and the communicative approach, don't stress over too formal or informal. Write a bio that makes sense to your target audience while promoting you in the right light without misleading or confusing your audience.

Moreover, you can add your landing page link to your bio to optimize your leads. If you don't have a landing page link ready, use the link to your newsletter and add an email gateway so people clicking on the link go to the page and access the content after entering their email. This way, you will have maintain a give and take relationship while capturing leads.

You can also add hashtags to your bio and add relevant keywords straight to your profile bio.

3. Post when Twitterverse is most active

This is extremely basic. Would you put your argument forth to a sleepy or inactive audience or would you seek an opportune time and initiate the conversation so you get and retain their attention?

Post when Twitterverse is most active
Post when Twitterverse is most active

In the Twitter verse too, you need to know when your target audience sleeps and when is most active so you can plan your tweeting times accordingly. By analyzing when your audience is the most active, you will be better able to optimize your content and get maximum attention.

There are plenty of statistics and surveys available through reliable sources like Hubspot, Forrester, etc where you can find when B2B sphere of Twitterverse is most active. Experts claim that working hours on Wednesdays are the best to approach b2b customers while weekends are the best to connect with b2c consumers on Twitter.

If you are new, you can try posting based on the times recommended by the experts. However, if you have spend substantial time on Twitter, make sure that you check actual analytics of your data and followers to better understand how they are reacting to your posts.

4. Post content that invites clicks

You can't expect to capture leads unless you post content that invites clicks. Your tweets need to be highly attractive as a boring tweet will surely go unnoticed. Since, there's always a flood of tweets, make sure that you add a dash of humor but nothing too tasteless for the masses since going all corporate or going all edgy may hurt your reputation.

  • When designing the Twitter content calendar, don't forget to do the R&D so make sure that you find the right hashtags, keywords to target your audience better.
  • Ensure that you optimize the visuals by adding relevant content or a sizzling copy to your header image. You can directly put your business' slogan or tagline to the header image too.
  • Use online tools to figure out what type of message would fare well on your Twitter and find whether your tweets are plain bland or address the contemporary taste or not. The social message optimizer will give you an impressive breakdown of your tweet so use the metrics to improve your content.
  • The simple tricks you must follow to keep your tweet engagement and lead worthy are: Keep it short, add relevant hashtags, one awesome image and an emoji to connect with your audience better.
  • Keep a balanced blend of engagement worthy, non-promotional tweets because if just start pitching your product/services, your audience may get turned off. Don't shy away from curating content as it will help you connect with more channels and expand your reach on Twitter as a brand.
  • Use visual content, especially videos to connect with your audience better. 80% of audiences fancy videos from brand compared to other forms of interactive media.

5. Use your CRM data

Use your CRM data to find more leads that you weren't able to sell to in the past. Twitter is a better way of approaching the prospects you couldn't close earlier so sync your contacts and CRM data with your Twitter account and approach them through a more relatable social campaign.

Since, Twitter will let you engage these prospects with valuable content, you will a stronger chance of closing them on Twitter compared to any other channel or direct marketing.

6. Act as consumer support

Brands and companies can always use Twitter as a platform to resolve their customers' pain points and build relationships. Complaints and bad reviews influence people horribly so it's best to not take a chance and provide customer support on Twitter.

Handling customer support for your brand via Twitter will help you by generating positive brand image as a happy customer will tell more people and it will lead to an accumulating brand value and more recommendations.

Brand - audience Twitter communication
Brand - audience Twitter communication

Make sure that you use a polite tone when approached by customers and keep the positive conversations on Twitter with your fans, followers and customers public. If you see a customer getting nasty in comments, address the issue in private messages and try your best to resolve it. Avoid labeling any review or complaint as spam or false outright. Instead, look into the case and make a post to address the spam if you find that you are getting fake reviews.

Always use your positive conversations with your customers as recommendations so retweet them for maximum public exposure.

Summing up

Twitter is brimming with leads and for businesses, it's just a matter of identifying the prospects. Since, Twitter is a content driven platform, marketers have the ball in their court and can easily approach prospects with an authentic and brand-driven approach.

But businesses and entrepreneurs must understand that a corporate-centric approach may just put your prospects off which is why having a personal and a professional account is important. Target your audience through well structured, authentic accounts and participate in the conversation. Earn leads through your testimonials by highlighting the positive conversations with your existing and former clients.

Play customer support for your company/product and deal with distressed customers complaining in private. Use a variety of content with more emojis, relevant hashtags and click-worthy pictures to lure in leads.

Sync your CRM data to work on the unsuccessful leads and connect with people through quality content and not just sales-oriented tweets.

Determine the behavior of your audience based on your analytics and incorporate the information into your tweets to optimize your tweeting schedule.

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