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How to create your own profitable ebook in days, part 2

In part 1 of this article, I showed you how to come up with an idea for your ebook and find out if it would be profitable. Like I said in article 1, there is no use in creating an ebook for sale that no body wants or there is no market for it.

While you might have a hobby you love, it might not be the most profitable market to tap into and in part one of this article series I showed you how not only to come up with an ebook title idea, but how to make sure it will be profitable for you, not only in the short term but in the long term as well.

In part 2 of this series of 4 articles I'm going to show you how to write your own ebook in record time, no matter if you think you have no idea what you are doing. I'm also going to show you an inexpensive way to get the ebook written for you if that is a route you wish to take. Personally, I prefer to write my ebooks myself and that's the first method I'm going to show you.

So let's get started!

Writing your own ebook is not as hard as it sounds, in fact, I quite enjoy writing ebooks as you learn something new by doing all the research yourself.

People think that an ebook has to be this 400 page 100,000 word mammoth of a project for people to want to pay any sort of money for it and this is so far from the truth it's not funny.

Ebooks are by nature, meant to be short. No one likes sitting on a computer all day reading an ebook or even having to print out hundreds of pages. Ebooks should be short and to the point with no fluff. An ebook any where from 25 to 50 pages is more then fine, 50 to 100 pages is also acceptable, but if you go much over that, it tends to get a bit hard to read.

The other problem with writing long ebooks is that people naturally get distracted and when you feel like you have to sit down and write a 200 page ebook, it feels like a very daunting task and you will put it off and put it off and then when you go to write it you will get discouraged because you feel you're getting no where fast.

So when it comes to ebooks, keep them short!

Don't think your ebook has to be a master piece either, just as long as it gives exactly what you promised in your sales letter, your readers will be happy.

When I first start writing a book the first thing I do to research for it is to go to EzineArticles and read all the articles I can on the subject I'm writing on. You can find thousands of articles here on all sorts of subjects.

The next best way is to do a search on Google for your subject. I find doing a search for frequently asked question pages lands me with a gold mine of information. For instance, if I was creating a book on tropical fish and how to take care of them, I would go to and then type in tropical fish faq.

Frequently asked question pages are a great source of information. One of the largest FAQ sites are Quora and Yahoo Answers.

While you can't steal these people's information, you sure can borrow it and reword it in your own words.

Plagiarism will find you in a lot of trouble and it's really not worth it. Another good way to get ideas for your book is to buy the leading ebook in the market on your subject and read it top to toe.

The next step for me is to outline the chapters I want in the book. I always aim for about 10 to 12 chapters depending on what I'm writing on. You need an outline when your writing your ebook or you will get lost fast. Using the articles, the FAQ pages and the ebook you brought, you should be able to flesh out chapter headings and the content you want to write in each chapter.

Now if this seems like a lot of work to you, you can always cheat and get someone to write the ebook for you. Most people are familiar with UpWork.

UpWork is a freelance website where you post the type of work you are after and what you want to pay for it and then people who offer the service you want bid on your project and you pick the best bid for you.

The mistake most people make when getting ebooks created by third parties is that the pay too much because they don't know exactly what to ask for.

When you ask for someone to create an ebook for you, prices soar, because when people think about writing an ebook, they link of a lot of hard work and time to write it. However, if you do it my way, you will get your ebook written for half the price.

What I find has been saving me a lot of money is not directly asking for an ebook to be written, but asking people to write me 10 to 15, 1000 word articles. This is about the same amount of words as an ebook, but because people charge less for articles, you won't have to pay as much. Let me explain.

Let's say for instance you have a book on bonsai gardening and you want an ebook created that's around 15,000 words long. What I would do is write out the chapter headings of the book, then go to a place like UpWork and ask for writers to write me a 1000 word article on each chapter heading.

You can get 1000 word articles from under $10 a pop. So to have 95% of your ebook written for you will cost you probably under $150, where as asking for an ebook to be written for you on the same topic could you set you back $500 or more.

I hope this article has been of some help to you and look out for part 3 and part 4 soon.

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