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Weblog comments for SEO purposes as a link building method

Weblog comments are very popular method of link building. When you comment any blog post you will get a link to your website. This way you are improving your SEO and getting some targeted traffic through the link. This article explains how to use the comments for both targeted traffic and SEO purposes

First, you must understand what does weblog comment mean. The weblog owners are not interested in comments like Hi, nice article! or Hello, visit my website. Such comments are called spam and usually are quickly deleted. You need to read the bloggers post and write something useful and relevant. E. g. if the blogger will write about his web host you can comment some interesting features mentioned in the article. The more interesting comment you write the more people will click the link to your website. If you will ignore this rule 99% of your comments will never be published.

To get SEO benefits from blog commenting you must post comments on dofollow blogs only. Dofollow means that the links from the comments do NOT contain rel="nofollow" attribute. Links with rel="nofollow" attribute are ignored by google and other search engines. There are 2 ways how to find out if the weblog is dofollow or not:

1. Go to page where are already displayed some comments. Click on the page using right button and select view page source. Now press CTRL + F and search for some of the links which come with the comments. Here is an example of dofollow link (which is good for SEO) - Marble Host and here is SEO unfriendly nofollow link - Marble Host.

2. Most effective way how to check out if the links are dofollow is using some SEO tool. Very good is Firefox addon called Search Status. Install this addon, click by right button on the @ icon and click the option Highlight nofollow links. From this moment all nofollow links on every page you visit will show nofollow links highlighted. So if you see the comments links highlighted there is no SEO benefit from commenting such weblog.

OK, we know now that we need dofollow blogs for our comments. The next step is to find them. Here are some tips how to do that:

  • Google for terms like dofollow blog(s) or dofollow webblog(s).
  • Visit some webmaster related forum like Digitalpoint and search there for a list of dofollow blogs.
  • Use google or forums to search for dofollow search engines.

Keep in mind that you always need to check if the blog is really dofollow. All lists and dofollow search engines contain some % of nofollow blogs by mistake.

Now we know how to find dofollow weblogs so it is the time to start posting the comments. When commenting write your website address to the Your website field. The anchor text (text of your link) comes to the Name field. E. g. Name = Web Hosting Service and URL = When the comment will appear on the page there will be also published link looking like this: Web Hosting Services. Then fill in your email address if required and write some great comment. If you have followed all the rules above you earned quality link to your websiste.

Keep in mind that most weblogs have comments approval on. It is possible that you will see your comment online but it usually can be seen only from your computer (delete cookies and refresh the page to check out if your comment is really published). For this reason go back to the weblog a few days later and check out if your comment was approved. If not try to make more valuable comments next time.

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