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7 blogging tips you must know for blogging success

In the last couple of years, blogging has really taken off. It seems everyone who hops on the Internet now has their own blog.

A lot of people are also seeing the benefit of using blogs to make money from the Internet, especially with affiliate programs and Google Ads (AdSense).

Here are some of the best blogging tips I can give you to help you along the way.

Tip #1 - Web hosting

If using a service like Wordpress or Movable Type, make sure you have a good web host. Your web hosting company should allow you multiple domain name hosting and MYSQL database for you to use.

Why? Because you may want to start more then one blog and it's a real pain having to setup account after account just so you can start a new blog. MySQL is the program that allows you to run Wordpress and Movable Type on your web host.

Tip #2 - Publish your blog frequently

It's a common question people starting blogs ask. How often should you add new content to your site and what methods work best for search engine ranking purposes.

I've found that adding one blog post a day is the perfect amount of posting needed. Do it no more then once a day and no less then once every 3 or 4 days.

It's best to keep a pattern to your posting so the search engines can pick up on it. It's very hard for search engines to know when to spider your site if you change constantly when you post on your blog. Search engines love patterns and it gives them a reason to drop by more regularly.

If you post too often, search engines pick this up and start thinking to them selves that no human could post so much in such a short period of time and will get a bit suspicious of your blog thinking it might be automatically generated and not written by hand.

Tip #3 - Think SEO

Search Engine Optimization is just as important for blogs as it is for any website dealing in content and looking for a good search engine ranking. The days of search engines weighting blogs more heavily over normal content sites is over, so you need to think like a content site to survive.

Try not to have too many posts on the home page. Keep it clutter free. Index your posts.

Make your links to your content on your site descriptive. For example, let's say you are designing your home page and you have an article on outdoor wedding cakes. A lot of people would use a link description of something like this:

Don't do that! Use a descriptive link name like

Want to know what search engines are looking for? Ask them with Nichebot! When creating your blog and you are looking for topics to write on, why guess what people want. Nichebot allows you to check how many searches per month a certain keyword receives.

Your title should have H1 or H2 HTML tags for more effect. This lets search engines know what to focus on.

Tags like strong and em can also be uses this way, just don't emphasize everything, just what you really want the search engines to focus on.

Tip #4 - Say no to comments

Turn off the comments section in your blog. People use this to spam your blog to promote their websites.

Tip #5 - Stick to a word limit per post

This is actually quite important. Not only for search engine ranking but for pleasing the human eye and mind. There is nothing worse then scrolling down the screen continuously to keep reading an article, and I hate staring at a computer screen that long trying to concentrate.

Blogs were meant to be short and straight to the point. Keep your blog posts between 350 and 700 words each.

Tip #6 - Place Google Ads and affiliate products correctly

Making the best use of your free space is critical to your blogging success if you're in it to make money. Having your ads in just the right place can make the difference between a few dollars a day and a few hundred dollars a day.

I find putting all ads on the right hand side of the screen the best.

Tip #7 - Design a site that's appealing to the eye

While search engine ranking is important, getting people to your website and having them leave straight away is a waste of your time, so designing a website that is also appealing to the viewer and is easy to read is essential.

Don't use bright colors, lot's of graphics, tons of links or anything like that. Keep it simple. Make it easy to navigate and easy to find all your articles on your blog.

Also check to make sure all your links are working in your site.

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