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Write for us - become a guest blogger

Write for us - become a guest blogger
Write for us - become a guest blogger

We are looking for high quality guest posts. On this page you will learn what are the benefits for our guest post writers, what should you write about, what kind of blog posts we are looking for and what are the requirements.

What are the benefits for the guest authors?

You will get 2 free permanent dofollow backlinks for each article you publish here. You can include one link within the article content and the second one in the author bio.

If we really like your content, we will share it on social networks:

Our domain was registered in 2005 and has a good reputation in search engines. If you write a high quality article, it is very probable it will receive solid traffic for a long time and you, as the author, will get targeted visitors to your website through the links in the article and the author bio.

It sounds like a great opportunity to manipulate Google SERPs, right?

We are sorry. While we allow you to place one dofollow link in the article and another one in your bio, these links have to meet our quality standards.

Every link is seen as a vote by the search engines. So if you want we vote for your website, it must contain content which may be our readers genuinely interested in. We are a medium-sized web hosting company and a lot of our clients read our blog (yes, it is a real blog, no PBN nor a result of some crazy black-hat SEO tactics). As you can imagine, we are not going to ruin our reputation by linking to websites which we wouldn't recommend them.

So when applying for the author account, please mention the URLs you are going to use in your article and the author bio. This way we can check them before you start to write your article and let you know if they meet our standards.

What should you write about?

Our audience are website and blog owners (or people wanting to create one) who are interested in topics like:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Influencer marketing
  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • SEO (on-page and off-page, SEO algorithm updates...)
  • Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest...)
  • Traffic generation
  • Video marketing
  • Viral marketing strategies
  • Web design
  • Web hosting
  • Website monetization
  • Website promotion
  • WordPress

What kind of articles do we prefer?

Our guest bloggers are free to choose the article format. Anyway, to give you some idea about your options, here are some examples of content we would love to get from you:

  • How-to articles & tutorials
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Interviews with people who have something to say
  • Reviews of website monetization opportunities (like affiliate networks, ad networks, etc.)
  • Reviews of tools for webmasters (like SEO tools, analytics, etc.)
  • Anything else that may our readers like

Guest posting guidelines

If you want receive enough traffic through your links in the article and your bio, the article needs to rank well in the search engines first. To achieve that, please follow these guest posting guidelines:

  • Your article must be original. We will remove it immediately if you have published the article elsewhere.
  • We only accept very high quality articles that may be useful for our readers. If you are thinking about publishing a spun article or anything which wouldn't be useful for the blog readers, you are in the wrong place.
  • 800+ words are our minimum requirement. 2,000+ words are ideal to rank well in Google.
  • You may place one link in the author bio and one in the article. Your bio is the ideal place to present yourself to our readers, explain them who you are and link to your website. On the other hand, the link in the article should point to an additional source of information, e.g. a blog post you have written on similar topic. In other words, this link should complement the article, under no circumstances should be used as an advertising space.
  • When using images, screenshots, etc. make sure their width is 810 pixels or more.
  • Make the article well-structured with subheadings, paragraphs, bullets...
  • Don't promote any product or service in your article. When you write an review, it should be a real, i.e. impartial, review, not a promotion.
  • Readers first, SEO second. If our visitors enjoy your article, search engines will like it too.
  • Your article must be written in English.
  • Do not use affiliate links in the post.

When your guest post is accepted

Not every article submitted will get published on our blog. However, if we accept your content:

  • You can republish the article elsewhere with the link to the post on our blog citing it as the original source.
  • We reserve the right to edit the post title and/or content. For example, if we have already published a blog post about something you mention in your article, we may include a link to this post. In case there are some errors, we may correct them.

Get your author account

Recently, we have had to reject many articles every day that have been copied from a variety of sources. Since detecting these and other similar scams means a lot of editorial work (that is not cheap), we have decided to do the following:

  • We will accept new guest posts only from our paying clients.
  • Not MarbleHost client yet? No problem. You have a great opportunity to get a web hosting plan or a virtual private server with excellent price/quality ratio.

Established sites like ours usually charge for the opportunity to publish a guest post even more than cost our top web hosting plans. So we are sure you will like this deal - you will get better hosting which you need to pay anyway and we will get covered the costs of the editorial work.

To get your author account which will allow you to submit your guest post to our blog, please send us an email to and mention:

  • The domain name which you host with us.
  • At least one topic idea you could write about.

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