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What are the YouTube SEO steps in video ranking?

What are the YouTube SEO steps in video ranking?
What are the YouTube SEO steps in video ranking?
YouTube, which was launched just 14 years back in 2005, is today the second largest social media platform coming next to only Facebook in popularity. The immense popularity of this platform is because of the emergence of videos as a strong medium to engage and engross people.There are more than 1.5 billion YouTube users who are tuned in on a monthly basis. The number of videos getting uploaded on it every minute is also phenomenal accounting to nearly 720,000 hours of video every single day.To make your presence felt in this mammoth set of videos, you definitely require the services of YouTube SEO. They help you in making your video stand out of the crowd by getting higher ranks and hence get noticed. Unless you get noticed, there is no point of having the excellent content depicted in the best of the quality in the video.The content marketing services that you hire take into account a two-fold approach that search algorithm uses for videos. This is “relevance” and “watch time”. The search engines make use of these two to decide the video rankings as it results in maximizing the viewer engagement and satisfaction.Here are some of these best YouTube SEO practices to be followed to optimize your video search and get noticed by your targeted audience.

Title should be apt

Choosing the right title of the video is very important. It should represent the content present in it. Also, the ideal keywords that the SEO services have chosen for you should come first in the title with branding happening towards the end. If you are planning to upload the serial content, then each episode should carry the episode number too.

Description of video is important

The Video Marketing SEO tactics put a lot of stress on optimizing the video’s description. These are the few lines of description that appear in search results. Thus, it is of utmost importance to frame these lines in such a manner that they get noticed by the search engine algorithms, thereby getting you better rankings.

Optimize the tags

These are those descriptive keywords, which help people find your videos. Optimizing them is important for all YouTube searches. The search algorithm that is used by YouTube indexes tags up to 270 characters and you need to make this limit count. It is recommended to make use of both specific and general tags for describing your video accurately and thoroughly.

Video openings should be compelling

You did every possible thing to compel the viewer to reach to your video and open it. But, if the viewer abandons after watching it for the initial few seconds, it adversely affects the rankings. Thus, to keep the viewer engaged, the opening of the video should be strong and engrossing.The YouTube SEO techniques dictate that once you succeed to get the attention of the viewer with a gripping and convincing opening, you should proceed with the techniques of programming, branding, and packaging. This will ensure that the viewer watches the entire video without abandoning in the middle.

Length of video

The length of the video also plays an integral role in deciding the interest of the viewer. If it is too long, there is a high probability that the viewer will abandon it irrespective of it showing high-quality content. As per a study, the ideal length of video stands anywhere between 7-16 minutes.

Upload high-resolution thumbnails

Thumbnails are displayed in different sizes and formats across the platform. The images used in these thumbnails should be strong, vibrant and of high-resolution. This will ensure that they will gain the attention of the viewer as they will appear crisp and clear irrespective of the size of the thumbnail.Taking these YouTube SEO steps will help in increasing the visibility of your video by the increase in its rankings.

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