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Popular Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2019

Popular Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2019
Popular Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2019

Did you know that there are people who judge your reliability and trustworthiness depending on your website's design?

And they are not just a few. It is almost 75% of your total website visitors.

And people are intelligent today like never before. And as the recent and the upcoming generations are having access to the internet right from their young age, they are and will be becoming even sharper with each passing day.

And TBH, recent research says that customers these days are becoming even more intelligent today and approximately 97% of them do strict research over the internet before making an online purchase.

So, as you can easily understand, web design is an important part to make you stay ahead in competition with your competitors.

So, here are a few web design trends that can help you with this. Let's list them out first.

  • Superb UI/UX design
  • White Spaces Are a Friend
  • Focus More on Custom Graphics and Illustration
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Take Care of Your Mobile Page as Well
  • Video Integration
  • Lively Scrolling Design

Now, let's get into the details.

1. Superb UI/UX design

The continuously increasing number of web-savvy customers are never going to cease.

So, they know what can be the potential design of a company website. And if you are expecting them to buy from you, you need to look after their expectations as well.

Superb UI/UX design
Superb UI/UX design

Think about it stepping in the shoes of your potential buyers. Suppose when you yourself visit a website to buy something that you require; how will you feel if you face a hard time searching for the product?

It feels terribly disappointing, doesn't it?

Yes, your visitors are also supposed to feel the same when something similar happens.

And if you look at the stats, I can tell you that a study performed by Forrester Research says that a good website design can boost up your conversions by almost 200%. And if your website design is of very high quality then it can run even up to 400%.

Well, from these stats you can clearly understand what impact a good website design can do to your business.

So, if you are lagging with your website design, why don't you just renovate it?

2. White Spaces Are a Friend

According to me, the best thing about website design that has happened here in 2019 is the urge for clean spaces.

Yes, people, these days are having a thing for the clean website design.

And why not?

Clean spaces make viewing easier and help to condense the focus of a website visitor over the important subjects present in a web page.

Now if you have any sorts of confusion regarding whit spaces then let me tell you that white spaces are nothing but spaces in a web page that has been left empty.

And you don't even need to take the phrase "white space" literally. You can easily create white spaces in your website design just by not putting anything there.

It can be of any color. If it is empty, it is a white space.

So, as the time of over packed websites has come to an end, let us welcome the white spaces warm-heartedly.

3. Focus More on Custom Graphics and Illustration

There was a time when people used to fill their website with vibrant images.

Such images used to help them get a good grip on their users' attention. And that's why every other website owner used to opt for it.

But the end result was a bit different than what such people were expecting. Each and website started looking the same as they had taken up the very same strategy to design their website.

But time has changed now and if want to add something that would make your website stand out from the crowd, you can just add some custom graphics to it.

Custom graphics and illustrations make websites visually distinguishable.

I mean, if you just take the example of Basecamp you can easily spot the difference. It is full of crazy but still adequately relevant illustrations.

Focus More on Custom Graphics and Illustration
Focus More on Custom Graphics and Illustration

And illustrations do provide you with enough space to show off your creativity. If you can hire an artist with splendid designing experience, you can easily make your mark globally just with your outstandingly creative website design.

And hand drawn images show the effort that you have put into your website design. And this all makes your website visitors get a taste of your dedication and makes you even more desirable.

And yes, you can expect to see this trend around in the near future.

4. Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are already present on the web if you take a closer look.

You can find them in top-notch websites pretty easily. And yes, this is making a difference.

And, TBH, you can't deny the fact that colors look much better on the computer screens than they do on the printed pages.

Vibrant Colors
Vibrant Colors

Also, colors are also a good medium of visual communication. I mean, they let out the vibe that you want your audience to feel while they are on your website. And that is why you need to be super cautious while you are choosing colors for your website design.

And even like I just said earlier in this article, poor website design turns off visitors and according to a study by the University of Winnipeg, it says that around 62 to 90% of the people usually assess website depending on the color.

So, you can clearly understand from this, how important colors are for a website.

Special mention: Bold colors usually grab attention in an easier way compared to other colors. So, to differentiate yourself from the crowd, now you know what you are supposed to do, don't you?

5. Take Care of Your Responsive Mobile Page as Well

It's been a couple of years since people have been indulging most of their time with their smartphones and performing most of their jobs from it.

So, standing tall in 2019 if your mobile page still has issues then I'm afraid, you are surely facing issues regarding insufficient ROI.

Take Care of Your Responsive Mobile Page as Well
Take Care of Your Responsive Mobile Page as Well

Yes, today mobile devices are the most popular medium of accessing the internet. So, apparently, you do need to work on your mobile page to make your wheel spin.

A research by ComScore says, the amount of time spent by a mobile device user is the double of the time spent by a desktop user.

And if this reason is also not enough for you to go responsive with your mobile page then, let me tell you a stat from Google.

Google says, more than 48% of searches get initiated from mobile devices.

Now, you do understand why optimizing your site for mobile users to have a swift browsing experience is so important, isn't it?

Importance of A Responsive Design

And further talking about crafting a responsive design I would say, that a responsive page is always more user happy compared to normal pages.

And there are valid reasons.

Responsive pages fit very well irrespective of your user's phone's screen size. And this trend is so much on fire that many businesses even work on their logo designs to make them responsive so that they fit well in every screen size.

6. Video Integration

Do you know that Google now prioritizes videos in the search engine result pages?

Yes, this is a fact. And there are reasons.

Google rates websites depending on the time people spend on it. And as well know how catchy videos are that people easily spend a couple of minutes just because it was eye-catching.

Video Integration
Video Integration

Besides, videos are easy to consume and they even provide more information when compared to typed content.

And if I now talk about personal experiences, I can tell that you've watched a video multiple times just because it was running on repeat.

You've done this, right?

Yes, this is an undeniable truth that people love videos.

And these are the reasons why in today's date video has become an inevitable part of any web design. And unlike early days when web designers used to add welcoming videos to build user engagement, today, web designers are strategically planting short videos and animated clips to their website designs.

I hope, we are about to see more varied use of mobile designs further in 2019.

7. Lively Scrolling Design

In the early days of web designing, scrolling was an inevitable part. In those days, websites used to be stuffed with text-dense pages that were long enough.

Later on, designers experimented with their works and cast of scrolling. They started crafting pages that were short. Web designer used to display the important stuff on the top to grab the attention of the users.

But in recent years, scrolling is coming back strongly. And the presence of scroll bars is becoming even stronger in 2019.

Several types of research tell us that people all around the globe have no problem scrolling around a page if they find it designed well enough.

And this is the reason why this new trend of dynamic scrolling is coming in town.

Dynamic scrolling is the new type of scrolling where website pages are designed in such a way that it makes the website visitor feel like there is other stuff below the present screen.

Such pages are even decorated with diagonal graphics that desperately ask the visitor to look downward.

This designing style is another new trend that is grasping the market like anything. And we wish to see more of it the upcoming years.


If you can keep up with these trends that I have mentioned here in this article I'm sure enough that your business is going to see new heights in 2019.

Keep in mind that your website is the backbone of your business. And if you decorate and design it well enough, you are surely going to face best of your days in business.

So, whichever trend you choose to follow, remember that standing out of the crowd should be your main moto. Work on your website design accordingly.

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