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Vortex Ads review: Should you join this CPA network?

Vortex Ads homepage
Vortex Ads homepage

Is it a good idea to join Vortex Advertising affiliate network? Are they legit or scam? How to make money with them? Is it difficult to be accepted as a publisher? What are their payment methods? Find out in the following in-depth review where I will share with you my personal experience.

Vortex Advertising / Vortex Ads: Who are they?

Vortex Advertising LLP (also referred to as Vortex Ads because of their domain name) is a company with headquarters in the United Kingdom, incorporated on December 2017.

It is one of the smaller affiliate networks. For this reason, it can be assumed that they will not have excessive demands on their partners. This makes them an interesting alternative to larger affiliate networks, especially if you are not experienced affiliate marketer yet.

If you are considering joining them, you may have some doubts. To help you make the decision, I set up an Vortex Advertising affiliate account and tried out how they work. Thanks to that, now I can share my first-hand experience with you.

How I got approved my Vortex Advertising publisher account

As I decided to sign up as their affiliate, I started with filling in the registration form. They asked me some basic information like my traffic sources, my monthly earnings and they also wanted to know what other CPA networks am I working with. They also asked me to fill in my Skype, Telegram or WhatsApp username.

Later, I was contacted by their employee. After a short chat my account was approved with no problem.

How to make money with Vortex Ads?

After getting my publisher account approved I was curious about the earning potential. So I started my investigation with browsing the advertisers' products and services.

In the offers section I found 160 affiliate programs from various verticals, mostly nutrition & financial products, dating & adult websites and also some sweepstakes. On the one hand, the choice is slightly smaller compared to most of their competitors. On the other hand, for the majority of publishers it may be enough to be able to find at least one or two advertisers who would meet their requirements.

Vortex Ads offers
Vortex Ads offers

However, this number disappointed me a little, because they claim on their homepage that they have up to 1,000 offers for you to pick from. Since it states "up to", the claim is technically true, but it creates unfulfilled expectations in potential partners. Later I talked to Lisa, my affiliate manager, and she has clarified that they actually have more offers than what I saw in the system. A lot of them are private because they test the traffic quality of new partners before letting them run more "complicated" offers.

If you are unsure whether you can make good commissions promoting their products and services, keep in mind this:

  • Verticals like nutrition, financial products and dating are very competitive. It is pretty difficult to get targeted traffic if you promote such affiliate programs.
  • These verticals are some of the most profitables.

So while it means a lot of work to drive traffic to these offers, they may be a good choice for you if you don't mind work hard. On the other hand, if you a going to dedicate only a little of time to the affiliate marketing, you should look for less competitive niches.

Vortex Advertising minimum payout and payment methods

Affiliates can go to the profile section of their accounts and opt for some of these payment methods:

  • Webmoney
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Epayments
Vortex Advertising payment methods
Vortex Advertising payment methods

Vortex Ads pays its publishers weekly. I was unable to find the minimum payout on their website, but I have found a CPAelites forum thread where they mention $50 as the minimum.

Vortex Ads - legit or scam?

I have visited various internet marketing and affiliate forums where I found mentions about this CPA network. I also searched for blog posts mentioning Vortex Advertising a checked out the comments below. Besides, I have found some affiliate directories allowing to the publishers to share their experiences with the listed affiliate networks.

I found tens of positive feedbacks, some of them with screenshots of the payments and only two complaints, in both cases without providing more specific details (so they looked like cheaters who were caught). In my opinion, it is a great score, and if I wanted to promote their verticals, I would probably try them out.

Vortex Advertising alternatives

You should always try to join multiple CPA networks. While for some webmasters can be Vortex Advertising the best option, others may achieve higher EPC (earnings per click) with another company. It depends a lot on your website niche and the traffic sources.

For this reason, I have written another blog post named Best small affiliate networks for beginners where you can find some Vortex Ads alternatives like Adcombo, CPAhub or BizProfits to monetize your traffic.

Alternatives to the affiliate networks

There are many other ways how you can make a living with your own website or blog. Use the form below to learn about tons of website monetization alternatives, possibly even more profitable (you will receive the first lesson right now).

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