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Adtrafico affiliate network review

Adtrafico is one of the CPA networks which in not the largest one in the world, however, still worth considering joining. Let's have a look at what they can offer you.

Adtrafico affiliate network
Adtrafico affiliate network

Getting Adtrafico account approved

I tried to sign up for the Adtrafico affiliate account. What I really liked was their user-friendly interface. Filling up the signup form was a question of a few seconds.

In the signup form there was an obligatory field asking my Skype username. About 12 hours after submitting my application, I received a Skype message:

Hi! My name is Julia. I’m a manager in You have applied to our network. Before I approve your account, please, answer several questions.

After a short conversation my affiliate account was approved.

Making money with Adtrafico

The first questions you probably have in your mind when joining a new affiliate network will be What offers can I promote? and How competitive are their commissions?. So I started by visiting the offer section.

Even though the number of offers was lower than 2,000+ as they state on their homepage, I was able to choose from a lot of programs (1,050 was the exact number). Pretty nice number, I would say.

The majority of the offers were sweepstakes and pin submits. As you can see in the following screenshot, there are advertisers targeting various countries. Keep in mind that this screenshot shows only a small fraction of all available offers, so there are many other advertisers looking for traffic from other countries.

Adtrafico affiliate network offers
Adtrafico affiliate network offers

Even though I was not able to find any EPC data (the 7-day EPC column always showed "new"), the commission rates seem to be competitive. So if you have a website whose visitors may be interested in this kind of offers I believe it may be a good idea to try to promote them.

One really cool thing I found in the affiliate control panel was the option to use their API. If you are a programmer, you will certainly appreciate that.

Adtrafico API
Adtrafico API

Payment methods & minimum payout

I was not able to find find their payment methods nor the minimum payout on their website, except the information that they pay their affiliates weekly. I expected to find this information in the members section, but after seeing the Billing section under the Account menu I was still a little confused. This I what I found there:

Adtrafico payment methods
Adtrafico payment methods

So I contacted Julia, my affiliate manager, via Skype and received this answer from her:

We pay weekly. Payouts go out every Wednesday for sales generated during the previous week. Our minimum payout threshold is $250 and we pay to Epayments, Webmoney account or Wire. You just need to write your payment method in the section "other details".

I would like to highlight the fact that she answered my question instantly, so their promise on their homepage regarding the affiliate manager who is available 24/7 seems to be real, not just a marketing claim.

Adtrafico - legit or scam?

At the time of writing this blog post it seems that Adtrafico has a good reputation.

I have searched for forum topics related to this CPA network, trying to find complaints like late payments or inaccurate tracking. Except of a few comments (let's be fair, no network is able to achieve satisfaction of 100% of its affiliates) I have found nothing to indicate a serious problem with them.

Adtrafico alternatives

You should always try various affiliate networks. While for some webmasters Adtrafico can be the best choice, others may achieve higher EPC (earnings per click) with another company. It depends a lot on your website niche and the traffic sources.

For this reason, I have written another blog post named Best small affiliate networks for beginners where you can find some Adtrafico alternatives like CPAhub, Biggico or BizProfits to monetize your traffic.

Alternatives to the affiliate networks

There are many other ways how you can make a living with your own website or blog. Use the form below to learn about tons of website monetization alternatives, possibly even more profitable (you will receive the first lesson right now).

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