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BizProfits affiliate network review

BizProfits looks like an interesting option to monetize a website. For this reason, I tried to sign up for a publisher account to see how it works. Here is my experience that can help you decide whether this affiliate network is right for you.

BizProfits affiliate network
BizProfits affiliate network

Step 1: Getting my BizProfits publisher account approved

Their sign-up form contains various questions about your website, your experience and promotional techniques. So it looks like they don't accept everyone. However, I had no problem. Even though my account was not approved instantly, after a few hours I received a welcome email and I was able to start using the platform.

You can see below some of the questions you will need to answer in order to be accepted as a new publisher.

BizProfits signup
BizProfits signup

One thing which annoyed me was the obligatory form field requiring my phone number. They really believe that I have nothing better to do than talk to them? Moreover, I consider my phone number something pretty personal and I am not willing to give it to anyone just because it requires in the registration form. So I filled zeros in the Phone number field.

How to make money with BizProfits

After logging in to the affiliate control panel, the first thing I was curious about was the earning potential. So I chose the offers link from the left menu to see what kind of programs can promote their affiliates.

I was positively surprised by the number of affiliate programs I was able to choose from. Specifically, almost 1,200 (even though on their homepage they stated there were "only" 621 offers, so it was a nice surprise). The majority of them were health related, so when you are considering joining this network, make sure your website visitors are interested in this kind of products.

Health and beauty products are generally considered a very competitive niche. Therefore, it is not a quick way to make money. You will need to work hard on driving traffic to your website first. Content marketing and SEO may be the right combination of strategies to succeed. On the other hand, if you are looking for a long-term project to work on, it may be very profitable choice. Highly competitive niches like this one have one important advantage - they offer higher commissions, compared with low competition affiliate products.

I have not found many worldwide offers, so I suppose BizProfits may work better for websites which receive traffic from only one country. However, if you look at the following screenshot you will notice there are many countries to choose from.

BizProfits affiliate programs
BizProfits affiliate programs

Please note there are about 1,200 programs and this screenshot shows only a few of them to give you some idea about the offers and commission rates. And when speaking about the commission rates, I was checking the list of their offers and found mostly $5 - $30 range CPL commissions. In other words, about 10 times higher when compared with commission rates of email submits and similar.

As an affiliate you can also download a mobile app for Android or IOS which allows you to access your publisher dashboard from your mobile phone.

Payment methods & minimum payout

They offer these payment methods

  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal
  • Other (as explained below)

As you can see in this screenshot, there is also an Other option. If you visit their FAQ section you will see they also mention Epese, Paxum and WebMoney as payment options, so I guess the Other option is used to fill in your details in case you want to use one of these payment methods.

BizProfits payment options
BizProfits payment options

They issue payments twice a month. I was looking for the minimum payout on their homepage, FAQ page and in the affiliate control panel with no luck. Even their promo post on AffiliateFix forum does not mention it. I have only found in two affiliate directories the number of $250, so I recommend you to contact your affiliate manager and ask him/her about that.

Is BizProfits legit or scam?

I was looking for the experience of the users of this affiliate network in discussion forums and in the comments on blogs mentioning Bizprofits. I found only 2 cases when people complained that they were not paid.

In the first case, it was the BitcoinTalk forum user sameer88 who claimed they had canceled his account 1 day before the payment. It was not a newly registered user, he had 21 posts in the forum, so his testimony can be considered more trustworthy than if someone had just registered and wrote a scam report.

In the second case, an user complained in an article comment on Affpub that he was not paid a commission of $500.

Taking into account that this company has been on the market for several years, and that not every scam report has to be true (many times users are cheating, breaking the rules of the network so it is logical when their accounts are banned and then they try to take revenge by putting negative comments on the internet), 2 negative comments do not necessarily indicate a serious problem.

BizProfits alternatives

You should always try various affiliate networks. While BizProfits can be the best choice for some webmasters, others may achieve higher EPC (earnings per click) with another company. It depends a lot on your website niche and the traffic sources.

For this reason, I have written another blog post named Best small affiliate networks for beginners where you can find some BizProfits alternatives like CPAhub, Adtrafico or Biggico to monetize your traffic.

Alternatives to the affiliate networks

There are many other ways how you can make a living with your own website or blog. Use the form below to learn about tons of website monetization alternatives, possibly even more profitable (you will receive the first lesson right now).

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