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Los Pollos affiliate network review

When I first saw the website of this affiliate network, the first thing that caught my attention was their name and logo. Los Pollos means The Chickens in Spanish. Besides, their logo reminds me of the KFC logo. Even though I don't know if this is a result of their sense of humor or just a funny coincidence, one thing is certain. In the flood of CPA networks that are available to us, they are easily memorable.

However, if you are deciding which affiliate network to choose, you probably expect more than the creative way of thinking of its owners. That's why I decided to try out on my own what they offer to their affiliates and share my experience with you in this review.

Los Pollos affiliate network
Los Pollos affiliate network

How to get approved your Los Pollos publisher account

In order to look closely at how Los Pollos works, I registered as a publisher. Their sign-up form was not complicated, they just asked me to fill in some basic information necessary to create my publisher account, my Skype username, traffic type and monthly available traffic volume.

Later I received an email from Daniel from their support team. He asked me some addition questions. He wanted to know, for example, what was my previous experience with affiliate marketing, how much money I earned with other CPA networks, what were my traffic sources or from which countries the traffic comes from. In other words, the common questions you should be able to answer when joining a new affiliate network.

I answered his email and my account was activated 15 hours later. So don't be nervous if you need to wait for a while to have your account approved.

How to make money with Los Pollos

So with a publisher account approved, I signed in and checked out the control panel to see which opportunities to monetize my traffic they offered. After browsing the members' section for a while I found out that the way how you can earn money with Los Pollos is a little different compared to other affiliate networks.

I guess you're used to finding a lot of offers in your affiliate account. Then you select one or more of them, generate your affiliate links and start promoting them.

Well, Los Pollos work a little differently. It's hard to judge if it's better or worse. They just work differently.

They use only one affiliate link (called smartlink) for all offers. As they explain on their website there are currently more than 10,000 offers in each vertical. They use their own traffic optimization algorithm which redirects each user to a particular offer, depending on certain characteristics (such as device, country, etc). This ensures optimal performance and maximizes earnings for the affiliates.

So if you are able to generate decent amount of traffic and you are not sure what kind of product or service to promote in order to achieve good conversion rates, Los Pollos my be a good option for you.

Payment methods & minimum payout

Los Pollos pays its publishers weekly with no hold period. Payouts go out every Tuesday for sales generated during the previous week. The minimum payout depends on your preferred payment method. If you want to be paid via wire transfer, the minimum amount is $1,000. For other payment methods it is only $100.

What payment systems can you choose from?

  • Wire transfer
  • ePayments
  • WebMoney
  • PerfectMoney
  • Bitcoin

One of the things that would be worth improving is the way how the affiliates submit their payment details. In the affiliate control panel I found the following information:

When you reach the payout threshold for the first time, please contact our support team with your payment details. All further payments will be posted automatically to the same account, according to our schedule and rules.

Taking into account that we are living in the 21st century, it would certainly be worth creating a simple form where the affiliates would fill in their payment details.

Los Pollos - legit or scam?

Before joining a new affiliate program or network, I usually check out the opinions posted by their publishers. My favorite sources of this kind of information are affiliate directories, forums and blog posts. I used the same procedure to investigate about Los Pollos.

It was really hard to find some complains. When I saw some negative comments, it was always something like this review posted by Jason on TopNetworks (not a real complaint, just a claim that they are bad without explanation why).

Los Pollos affiliate network complaint
Los Pollos affiliate network complaint

Taking into account a lot of positive reviews I have found, I wouldn't be afraid to give them a try.

Los Pollos alternatives

You should always try various affiliate networks. While for some webmasters Los Pollos can be the best choice, others may achieve higher EPC (earnings per click) with another company. It depends a lot on your website niche and the traffic sources.

For this reason, I have written another blog post named Best small affiliate networks for beginners where you can find some Los Pollos alternatives like CPAhub, Everad or BizProfits to monetize your traffic.

Alternatives to the affiliate networks

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