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How to use Digital Receipts as Effective Marketing Tool?

How to use Digital Receipts as Effective Marketing Tool?
How to use Digital Receipts as Effective Marketing Tool?

Paper Receipts are on the verge of going extinct. Dying paper receipt has opened the new opportunity for Digital Receipts to bring the modern aspect to the marketing campaigns. As the digital age affects everyone with its fast and easy accessibility, the digital marketing plays crucially rule to reach consumers and grow overnight. E-Receipt Marketing often gets overlooked and a lot of potential marketing side of e-mail receipt gets neglected. We will discuss in detail how important is electronic receipt for marketing.

Shoppers without any hesitation will give away their email addresses for e-receipts, but ask explicitly if they like to opt in for newsletters or promotional mails. Retailers should respect the privacy of their customers and only send marketing receipt emails if they allow it. State clearly that giving their email address would also include subscription to marketing emails. Provide the option of unsubscribing or opting out of your offer email alert anytime. That’s how you will be allowed to send marketing mails to targeted customers who are much more responsive. Continue reading how electronic receipts can be used as proficient marketing weapon.

Email Marketing

Building up the targeted e-mail list gets pretty easy with digital receipts distribution since an e-mail is acquired to send receipts online. It saves the big budget spend to pay to data monetizing companies which provide the email list of favorable prospects. Choose Receipt Template carefully because it will work as a great marketing agent for your business. The E-Receipts are important for expense record keeping so a customer lets the mail pass through spam filter. Hence, the chance of your email always keeps residing in spam folder and not reaching to inbox gets eliminated.

Once you are allowed to a potential returning consumer’s inbox, you can write compelling content in the form of referral programs, coupon offers, special events and newsletters to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. Keep it short yet effective using a little bit humor and compelling visuals so the reader is forced to click the link. Give away free subscription reward to customers if they refer their friends. Update the email list and keep only those users who are more responsive through email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses find social media marketing key to attract new and unique visitors from various social networks. Social media marketing is considered to be very crucial because a whole new traffic can be targeted. Include your social media links in the e-receipt body. Offer your customer something valuable in return of them subscribing to your social media channels and pages.

Convert casual visitors into regular members by creating leads and sales through publishing quality content. Include snippets and bullets for the enriched readability of your readers. Post memes, gifs, videos and infographics, and you will experience unbelievable positive change in the conversion rate. Social media is heaven to grow rapidly since a visitor will instantly share your content with his friends if he finds it valuable. Give 10-15% less on referrals and sharing your content with their acquaintances.


Smart marketers realize the importance of marketing research surveys. Waiting for organic feedback can be a time-consuming method. Surveys provide an easy way to get authentic response about your service. A survey serves the purpose to get the genuine feedback and then proves to be the most effective customer service tool to achieve people’s queries which ultimately can lead to improve the product quality.

First of all, create an engaging questionnaire. Put emphasis on the short and related questions, and try to optimize and shorten your survey by opting-out the unnecessary questions. Provide the link in the digital receipt and simply ask your customer to complete the survey. Decide some reward to give to the lucky participant, or any other method to get the maximum turn out.

Link to Business Site

Remember to include the hyperlink of business website to make sure that your customer land straight on your main business page. Not only you will create a guaranteed clickable backlink, you will also be giving the chance to customer to explore the details about the products that he missed during the physical visit. Learn from the e-commerce sites, and look how electronic shopping as the recent phenomenon has become holy grail for modern consumers.

Nobody has the time or want to write the URLs, so create clickable anchor text which will take the customer right on your landing page. Design landing page creatively and convert the temporary visitor into a loyal buyer of your service. Walk your customer through website step by step and make the navigation of the site as easy as possible so that the sale becomes inevitable.

Product Review

For readers, case studies matter a lot. Before buying people goes through the testimonials. Its just a psychological need of people to learn from the others experiences. It’s obvious that a person will look the overall rating of the product and the reviews/comments can surprising chance his decision. Now we know how important part is played by the product reviews.

It is observed that not everyone likes to leave the review about a specific product. Then, how can you get reviews about your product? Mention in your receipt email that you welcome comments and request politely to your customer that what they think of your product and hopefully many of them will turn in leaving their genuine opinion that might help the other prospects.

Wrapping up

eReceipt Marketing empowers the retail marketing in a prolific way that one can imagine. Small businesses can inarguably save the large amount of resources if they professionally consider it and execute the digital receipt marketing rightfully. Having discussed email marketing, social media marketing, surveys, backlinking and product reviews, one can undoubtedly say that email receipt must have such design which sells. Design the stylish receipts and sell more with the help of receipt maker which will help you send e-receipts to your customers.

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