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How Can You Monetize Your Website?

Way #1: $45 - $450 per month
Difficulty: easy

Join one of many advertising networks like Clicksor or BidVertiser and put advertisements on your website.

Earnings example:
Depending on the advertising network you join and ad format you place on your website the average earnings per every 1,000 page views may be be between $1 and $5. So if we will not to be too optimistic and calculate only an average revenue of $3 per 1,000 page views and only 100 of website visitors a day the numbers may look like that:

1 visitor on average sees 5 pages of your website
100 visitors a day = 500 page views a day
500 page views a day = 15,000 page views a month
15,000 page views a month = $45 per month

Of course you can scale these numbers. If you can earn $45/month with the traffic of 100 visitors a day, you can earn $450/month with 1,000 visitors a day. To earn more, you can also try to create a website with more attractive content so average visitor sees more than 5 pages.

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Way #2: $90 - $900 per month
Difficulty: quite easy

To double your profits, sell your advertising space directly to the advertisers. As the advertising networks pay you only a part of the amount they receive from the advertisers, selling your ad space directly can earn you more even if you sell it slightly cheaper than the advertising networks.

You can sell your ad space on auction servers like eBay, on webmaster related forums or put offer directly on your website. If you for some time do not sell all your ad space, simply follow the steps described in the way #1.

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Way #3: earnings without limit
Difficulty: quite difficult

Join one of many CPA networks like AdWorkMedia and promote their offers.

If you decide for this type of website monetization you will not earn when a visitor comes to your website. To earn a commission, your visitors have to sign up for some of the offers. This requires some strategy how to motivate your visitors to perform the action. On the other hand one visitor can earn you much more money comparing with the previous website monetization models.

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Way #4: earnings without limit
Difficulty: very difficult

Create your own product and sell it using your website. You can write an eBook, create a membership website or offer some services. It depends on your skills.

This way requires much more work but if you are able to come with some unique offer you can earn pretty good money.

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How Can MarbleHost Help You To Earn Real Money?

  • Website & domain

    The companies mentioned above will not work with you unless you have your own website and your own domain. MarbleHost can arrange for you both. Even the Basic web hosting plan (the cheapest one) allows you to create a great money making website on your own domain.

  • Free designs

    Do not pay a web designer even if you have no idea how to create a website. MarbleHost has a tool which can do it for you. Use our 1-click installer to install WordPress and choose some of the free designs (themes). Then add your texts using the online administration and your website will be ready.

  • Non-techie friendly web hosting

    We understand that not all our clients are IT experts. For this reason, our services are designed to be as easy to use as possible. There is no need to manually set up values in the WordPress config file and uploading it using the FTP protocol to the server. Forget about learning PHP and MySQL. Just use our 1-click installer to create your website and let us to care about the rest.

  • Friendly 24/7 support

    Don't forget - the support team is online 24 hours a day to help you. MarbleHost guarantees that all your questions, no matter whether they are sales- or support-related, will be answered in less than 60 minutes. Actually, our average response time is less than 15 minutes.

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