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Phone lines

US toll free phone:

+1-866-841-6141 (ID: 70826)

International phone:

+1-773-305-5641 (ID: 70826)

UK phone:

+44-12-2580-8659 (ID: 70826)

AU phone:

+61-2-6108-4354 (ID: 70826)

Live chat

Feel free to use the live chat and get your questions answered in a while.

Postal address

LiquidNet Ltd.
13 Craigleith, 7 Kersfield Road
Putney, London, SW15 3HN
United Kingdom


Existing customers can contact our support team not only by phone or using live chat, but also through the ticketing system or take an advantage of the context help and help center. These support options can be accessed from the web hosting control panel.

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